Supply Chain

Costa Rica

To Support of National and International Procurement area, follow up pruchase orders, inventories, reporting and raw material handling.

Capabilities funcionales

  • Less complex Markets/Factories distribution
  • Analytic work of coverages and distribution
  • Work related to the SNO core work
  • Less complex materials
  • Transactional support of Planners

Soft Capabilities 

  • Analytic skills
  • Less instruction given
  • Stakeholder management


  • Salary: ₡641,000
  • English (80%)
  • Finishing Bachelors in Industrial engeneering or similiar careers.
  • 6 Month contract with posibility of extension.
  • At least 1 year experience in procurement / purchase psoition.
  • Good knowledge of Excel (85%)
  • Able to work at Heredia


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